“So,” Stiles starts, “What’s happening with your werewolfy powers and why is psycho uncle getting stronger?”

Derek sighs, “I don’t know.”

[based on the sneak peek for 4x06]

:: for Bubbles and qhuinn <3

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There’s something to be said about sitting in front of the TV and being removed from your own life and just pushed into another one.

Wet puppy (。◕‿◕。)

Teen Wolf 4.05 I.E.D.: Malia Tate

Dylan at Giffoni Film Festival [x]

Dylan at Giffoni Film Festival [x]

i don’t know why we are going after a beta when there’s an alpha on the field.

Derek Hale in 04x05 - I.E.D.


Screencap Redraw Meme:

So I ended up doing one after all. I wanted to draw something more complex but no time…;;; …next time.

When the redraw is more beautiful than the original art…

graphic battle: kira yukimura appreciation

argents-allison vs. edwardrockbells

Sciles in 4x05

I wish they’d still play slow songs at parties