Stiles - the Vampire Slayer

Season 3 - Part 1


The new Vampire Slayer Stiles is facing a bit of a slaying dry spell when a new student called Scott McCall joins his class. The two boys don’t exactly get off on the right foot, when Stiles let’s his frustration about his slaying problems out on the newbie.

Seeking advice from his werewolf boyfriend Derek (if boyfriend is the right term after just two dates), Stiles tells Derek that all his recent patrols at night have resulted in exactly zero vampire deaths. It almost seems as if all the vampires have vanished from Beacon Hills.
Though a bit surprised that Stiles finally seems to have embraced his destiny as the Slayer, Derek tries to assure him that the lack of vampires is probably just a temporary anomaly. And indeed, when Stiles goes out on patrol that night, he finally does see vampires again. And he also learns why he hasn’t met any in the last few nights. It’s because someone else has been out killing them instead of him. And of course that someone is no one other than his new class mate Scott.

Confronting Scott at school the next day leaves Stiles nothing short but speechless. During their conversation it becomes obvious very quickly that both boys know about vampires and demons and all that stuff. In fact the two of them seem to have so much in common that Scott even dares to reveal his big secret to Stiles…The revelation though is nothing short of shocking, because Scott actually claims to be a Vampire Slayer like Stiles himself.

To be continued…


This set (which is staying true to the previews from before) is dedicated to imalphanow who flooded my dash with so much Buffy recently that I got the urge to continue StVS even though I thought I was done with it after the previews. And this set is also for josjournal whose kind words encouraged me to keep going with this series.

Thanks guys.


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